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Get Visitors Actual IP Address with LiteSpeed & Cloudflare

If you are using Cloudflare, your server will log Cloudflare IP address when visitors coming to your website. This problem can be solved by using mod_cloudflare for Apache server.

However, the method won’t work with LiteSpeed. Fortunately, LiteSpeed has a much simpler method to get the actual visitor’s IP address.

Use the following steps in order to obtain actual visitor’s IP address if you are using LiteSpeed & Cloudflare.

  1. Login to LiteSpeed Web Admin Panel
  2. Browse to Configuration → Server  General Settings
  3. Edit “Use Client IP in Header” to “Yes
  4. Save & Start LiteSpeed Gracefully

Gmail & Google Apps SMTP Settings in OpenCart

OpenCart is one of the best-performing shopping cart scripts. Fortunately, you can use your existing Gmail or Google Apps email account in Opencart.

To ensure it work, correct SMTP Server details are required.

Email setting page can be found by browsing

System  Settings  Edit  Mail

The table below is the setting for using Gmail or Google Apps email account with Opencart.

Gmail Google Apps
Mail Protocol SMTP SMTP
Mail Parameters
SMTP Host ssl://smtp.gmail.com ssl://smtp.gmail.com
SMTP Username <your email>@gmail.com <your email>@<your domain>
SMTP Password <your password> <your password>
SMTP Port 465 465
SMTP Timeout 5 5