Get Huge Cloud Storage with StorageMadeEasy (SME)

While searching for the perfect cloud storage to backup my Webserver, I encounter a solution by StorageMadeEasy (SME). They have both FREE and PAID Plan. However, most of the wanted feature of SME only available in Paid plan. Luckily, the cost is rather reasonable at $59.99 lifetime for personal plan. You will get 5GB Cloud Storage at Amazon S3 for both FREE and PAID plan.

SME has many nice features but the features that I really like the most  are,

  1. Integrate 40+ cloud storage providers into a single interface. Some of the supported free storage provider includes Copy (15+ GB), Dropbox (2+ GB), Dump Truck (5+ GB), Sugar Sync (5+ GB), Ubuntu One (5+ GB) and many more..
  2. FTP and SFTP access to all cloud storage that link to SME. This is great for Webserver backup.
  3. Automatically split large files. This is a great feature because of the file size limit imposed by cloud provider.
  4. Application with Virtual Drive feature. All cloud storage integrated into a single drive. Only install one application.
  5. Sync between cloud storage and between your computer & cloud storage.
  6. Web base file manager which integrates all linked cloud storage.

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