Install LiteSpeed in cPanel/WHM with Obsolete Owned License

If you have Obsolete Owned LiteSpeed License, installation via cPanel plugins will not work. There will be an error like

[ERROR] You are not authorized to use this binary, please purchase upgrades

If you encounter this error, then you have to manually install authorize old version of LiteSpeed. This is the guides on how to do it.

1. Log in to LiteSpeed Client area and check license update expiry date. In LiteSpeed Release Log Page, find LiteSpeed version that you can use.

2. SSH to your server & download and extract the applicable version (example below for version 4.2.6)

cd /home
tar zxf lsws-4.2.6-ent-x86_64-linux.tar.gz
cd lsws-4.2.6

3. create a file with name, edit the file & copy license information into the file and save.


4. Proceed with LiteSpeed installation


5. Accept the License Agreement by typing – Yes

6. Specify installation directory – /usr/local/lsws

7. Installer will generate license key & exit.

8. Run the installer again, accept the licence agreement & specify installation directory as of step 4 to 6 above.

9. Enter username – admin

10. Enter your choosen password

11. Enter admin email address

12. Enter “1” for cPanel installation

13. Enter Port Offset “0” for replace Apache

14. Enter “1” to enable PHP suEXEC

15. Installation will start

16. Enter “Y” to enable LiteSpeed start automatically when server start

17. Enter “Y” to start LiteSpeed.

18. Is start failed, login to WHM. Under Plugins  LiteSpeed, Click compile matching LSPHP binary.

19. When LSPHP compilation complete, try to restart Litespeed

20. Is the start failed, click on Version menu & force re-install the same version or older version.

21. LiteSpeed should be running now.

Change Alpha Index Search Type in phpMyDirectory

In phpMyDirectory version 1.5.0, alpha search has change. The alpha search on the index page and browse categories page searches for categories with the letter selected. On the browse locations page, it searches locations with the letter selected.

In the previous version of phpMyDirectory it searches for listings with the letter selected regardless of which page you are on.

To simplify, in phpMyDirectory version 1.5.0 alpha search which shows something like this

while for previous version it show

If you are using phpMyDirectory version 1.5.0 but would like the old system, you need to edit a few files,


1. /template/YOURTEMPLATE/browse_categories.tpl


<?php echo $this->block('search_alpha_categories'); ?>


2. /template/YOURTEMPLATE/browse_locations.tpl


<?php echo $this->block('search_alpha_locations'); ?>


3. /template/YOURTEMPLATE/index.tpl

Find both code as in 1 & 2


Replace it with

<?php echo $this->block('search_alpha_listings'); ?>