Cpanel/WHM Backup in Amazon S3

WHM/cPanel, since version 11.42 allow user to do backup to Amazon S3. This is a great choice to do backup by utilizing reliable service like Amazon S3. Furthermore, new S3 user will get FREE 5GB backup storage for a year making this option even valuable. After FREE time is over, the cost is rather small only 3 cents per GB of storage

Below is the steps on how to backup cPanel/WHM in Amazon S3

Amazon S3 Configuration

  1. Login to your Amazon S3 account or create for a new account if you don’t have one.
  2. Browse to Dashboard → Services → S3
  3. Create a Bucket (Make sure there is no “.” dot in the Bucket name. If you have, you unable to connect to amazon servers due SSL issue and will give timeout error.
  4. Browse to Username → Security Credentials → Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key)
  5. Click “Create New Access Key” button.
  6. Download the “Access Key” & keep it secure.

cPanel/WHM Configuration

  1. Login to cPanel/WHM
  2. Browse to Backup → Backup Configuration
  3. Edit Global Settings, Scheduling and Retention, Files, Databases & Configure Backup Directory as per your preference.
  4. In Additional Destinations, Select “Amazon S3™” & Click “Create new destination” button.
  5. Add “Destination Name” and optional “Folder” information in the space.
  6. Key-in “Bucket” name as (3) in Amazon S3 Configuration above.
  7. Key-ion “Access Key ID” & “Secret Access Key” as per (6) in Amazon S3 Configuration above.
  8. Click “Save and Validate Destination” Button.

How to Install WordPress?

WordPress blogging platform is well-known for its ease of installation even for beginner. The process should be very simple and should takes less than five minutes to complete.

This guide assume you are using Linux Hosting with cPanel & you have your own domain.

Step 1:- Add Domain to your cPanel Account

  1. You may skip this step is the domain already in your cPanel account.
  2. Log in to your cPanel.
  3. Click Addon Domains icon
  4. Enter your domain name, sub-domain/FTP Username & password.
  5. Remember the Document Root folder.
  6. Click Add Domain button.

Step 2:- Download & Extract WordPress Files

  1. Download the latest wordpress archive at to your computer.
  2. In cPanel account click on File Manager icon
  3. Browse to folder as per STEP 1 (5) above.
  4. Click Upload icon & upload the file download in (1) above.
  5. When done, select the file & click Extract icon.
  6. Browse to wordpress subfolder & click Select All
  7. Click Move icon & enter folder as per STEP 1 (5) above.
  8. When done, you may remove wordpress sub-folder.

Step 3:- Create MySQL Database

  1. In cPanel account click on MySQL Database icon.
  2. Enter database name & click Create Database button.
  3. On the same page, browse to the end & assign user to database created in (2) above.
  4. Click Add button.
  5. Tick All Privileges check-box & click Make Changes button.

Step 4:- Installation

  1. By using web browser, navigate to your domain.
  2. Click on Create Configuration File button.
  3. Click Let’s go button
  4. Enter Database name, username & password as per STEP 3. You may leave database host & table prefix as it is.
  5. Click Submit button.
  6. Click Run The Install button
  7. Enter Site Title, Username, Password, e-mail & tick Allow Search Engine to Index this site check-box.
  8. Click Install WordPress button.
  9. Installation done.
  10. You may log-in to WordPress back-end by Clicking Log in button.
  11. Start blogging!!