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PHP Code in Footer Attribution of Thesis 2+ WordPress Theme

In Thesis 2+ WordPress theme, if you need to have PHP Code in Footer Attribution, you need to add a code in Thesis 2+ Custom Function. You may need this to automatically change the year in the copyright of the footer instead of manually change it every year. The best thing is the code will apply to all post, page or archive page.

In Thesis 2+ theme, there are 2 ways to do it. If you want the Custom Function to apply to all Thesis 2+ Skins, edit “/wp-content/thesis/master.php” file. However if you want the function to apply to only individual Skin, edit “/wp-content/thesis/skins/SKIN/custom.php” file. “SKIN” is referring to your selected skin.

If you want to change the year in the copyright in the footer automatically, add the following code.

/* Footer Text */
function my_footer() {
		<p>Copyright &copy; 2011 &ndash; <?php echo date("Y"); ?>
		<a href="/"></a></p>
add_action('hook_top_footer', 'my_footer');

Remove Template Selection in the Footer of phpMyDirectory

If you have multiple templates installed in phpMyDirectory, you may notice that there, there is a drop-down menu to change the template at the footer of every page.

This feature is very useful if you are selling phpMyDirectory templates but will be very annoying if you are not.

To remove this feature, locate “footer.tpl” in the currently used template & remove the following code.

<?php echo $options;?>