Install Transmission BitTorrent Client on Dlink DNS-320

This guides assume you already have fun_plug 0.5 installed and running.

This guides are divided into 3 main section namely download packages, install & configure.


Transmission v2.82

Curl v7.18


1. Run PuTTY and log into DNS-320

2. Change directory to “/mnt/HD/HD_a2” & copy both packages into “/ffp/pkg” folder.

3. Install Curl

funpkg -i /ffp/pkg/curl-7.18.1.tgz

3. Install Transmission

funpkg -i /ffp/pkg/transmission-2.82-1.tgz


1. Edit Transmission start script to change home directory setting

vi /ffp/start/

Look for


Change to


Save the file.

2. Configure by issuing the following command. Make sure you change USERNAME & PASSWORD to your preferred username & password.

su nobody -c "/ffp/bin/transmission-daemon -f -g /mnt/HD/HD_a2/.transmission-daemon -w /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Downloads -t -u USERNAME -v PASSWORD -a,192.168.*.*"

Wait for a while, transmission should be up and running.

3. Verify that transmission is running properly by opening transmission web interface. Type http://<your NAS IP>:9091/ in your browser to access the Web interface. After entering username & password you should see torrent que page.

4. You may now press CTRL-C in putty terminal & issue the following command to start transmission

/ffp/start/ start

5. If you need to change the configuration such as to white list IPs to connect to Transmission Client, you may edit the following file


7. You may want to download Transmission Remote GUI for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.