Remove Template Selection in the Footer of phpMyDirectory

If you have multiple templates installed in phpMyDirectory, you may notice that there, there is a drop-down menu to change the template at the footer of every page.

This feature is very useful if you are selling phpMyDirectory templates but will be very annoying if you are not.

To remove this feature, locate “footer.tpl” in the currently used template & remove the following code.

<?php echo $options;?>

Live Domain & Mail / Hotmail SMTP Settings in phpMyDirectory

phpMyDirectory is one of the best web directory scripts that I used. Fortunately, you can use your existing hotmail account in phpMyDirectory. In fact it is not limited to only hotmail, but to all free email service provided by Microsoft including live mail, msn mail, email and even Live Domain.

To ensure it work, correct SMTP Server details are required.

Email setting page can be found by browsing

Setup → Settings  Email

The table below is the setting for using hotmail, live mail, msn mail, email and Live Domain.

Hotmail / Live / MSN/ Outlook Live Domain
Send email with SMTP SMTP
SMTP Server
SMTP User <your email>@<domain> <your email>@<your domain>
SMTP Password <your password> <your password>
SMTP Port 587 587
SMTP Authentication Yes Yes
SMTP Encryption  TLS TLS