Google AdSense, Highest Paying Country in 2011

Goggle AdSense is the best-performing Ad Network that I joined. No other network came closer. However, bear in mind that Goggle AdSense operates by keyword bidding & the country visitor coming from. These two important factors, determine how much you can earn through your website.

In this post, I would like to discuss regarding the best paying country in Google AdSense network.

Since the end of March 2011, publishers allow to see the AdSense reports based on countries. I made a compilation of these data & tabulated in the table below to show the best paying country.

These data are for the period of 22nd March to 24th October 2011, which is slightly more than six months. I remove the country that I received less than 3,000 visitors for the same duration to ensure the data are more representable.

Basically, the countries are ranked based on Revenue per Thousand (“RPM”) with the highest RPM at the first position while the lowest RPM at the last position. This data is real data from my websites. Your data may be slightly different, but I think generally it should be similar.

I hope these data will be useful, to increase your AdSense earnings by focusing on highest paying countries.

Rank Country
1 South Africa
2 New Zealand
3 United States
4 Australia
5 United Kingdom
6 Norway
7 Canada
8 Switzerland
9 Ireland
10 Netherlands
11 France
12 Denmark
13 Luxembourg
14 Germany
15 Kuwait
16 Sweden
17 Finland
18 Belgium
19 Austria
20 Nigeria
21 Singapore
22 Czech Republic
23 Jordan
24 Portugal
25 Saudi Arabia
26 Qatar
27 United Arab Emirates
28 Italy
29 Greece
30 Ghana
31 Lithuania
32 Ukraine
33 Israel
34 Japan
35 Kenya
36 Latvia
37 Hong Kong
38 Spain
39 Serbia and Montenegro
40 Slovakia
41 Bahrain
42 Malaysia
43 Egypt
44 Hungary
45 Mexico
46 Thailand
47 Bulgaria
48 Poland
49 Slovenia
50 Cyprus
51 Taiwan
52 Oman
53 Colombia
54 Venezuela
55 India
56 Brazil
57 Sri Lanka
58 Russia
59 Panama
60 Chile
61 Argentina
62 Algeria
63 Romania
64 South Korea
65 China
66 Philippines
67 Indonesia
68 Turkey
69 Bangladesh
70 Ecuador
71 Morocco
72 Croatia
73 Vietnam
74 Peru
75 Pakistan


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  • tq for the list admin. I wonder why i also get good clicks average 1 dollar per click form South Africa lately. Are they SA to rich or google want us to be rich? LOL tq admin

  • Interesting information…i have built a couple of sites targeting south africans and as things stand, i am making an average of 45 euros per day with adsense. today was my highest earning date where i made 65 euros..another thing, south african content ranks fairly easily compared to content from US so its easier to get top rankings for keywords


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