Migrate WordPress to HTTPS with Cloudflare Flexible SSL

Google announced that HTTPS as a ranking signal and will affect a search result. This is a great advantage to take this opportunity to migrate to HTTPS protocol. Furthermore, Cloudflare, offer FREE SSL for all websites that is using their services even FREE account.

To take this opportunity, I migrate this WordPress blog to HTTPS protocol by utilizing Flexible SSL. With flexible SSL I don’t have to spend any extra money to by SSL certificates or even install any self signed SSL certificate on my hosting account.

Migrating to HTTPS by using Cloudflare Flexible SSL is very easy & can be done by following the steps below.

1. Login to your Cloudflare account, select your domain and select Crypto. In SSL, make sure that you have an active certificate and select Flexible SSL.

2. Configuring WordPress for SSL/HTTPS. In WordPress dashboard browse to Settings -> General

3. Change the following from

WordPress Address (URL)	http://www.internetearnings.com
Site Address (URL)	http://www.internetearnings.com


WordPress Address (URL)	https://www.internetearnings.com
Site Address (URL)	https://www.internetearnings.com

4. Set up a 301 permanent redirect from HTTP to HTPPS. Best to do via Cloudflare Page Rules. To do this, in Cloudflare select your domain and select Page Rules.

5. In “Add new rule“, turn “ON” forwarding.

6. In “Forwarding type” select “Permanent – 301“.

7. In “URL Pattern” field key in “http://www.internetearnings.com/*“. Make sure “*” is there.

8. In “Destination URL” field key in “https://www.internetearnings.com/$1

9. Browse to your website to make sure everything is good.

10. If you have SSL error, the best is to use Google Chrome Developer tools to identify which web resources are not loading through HTTPS & fix it.

Google AdSense, Highest Paying Country in 2012

Last year I published the rank for the highest paying country based on Revenue per Thousand (“RPM”). This is the second edition of this post which cover from 1st January 2012 to 20th September 2012.

As before, I remove the country that I received less than 3,000 visitors for the same duration to ensure the data are more representable.

Basically, the countries are ranked based on Revenue per Thousand (“RPM”) with the highest RPM at the first position while the lowest RPM at the last position. This data is real data from my websites. Your data may be slightly different, but I think generally it should be similar.

I hope these data will be useful, to increase your AdSense earnings by focusing on highest paying countries.


Rank Country
1 United States
2 South Africa
3 Australia
4 New Zealand
5 Norway
6 United Kingdom
7 Denmark
8 Canada
9 Singapore
10 Germany
11 Switzerland
12 Sweden
13 Netherlands
14 Kuwait
15 Luxembourg
16 Ireland
17 Jordan
18 Cyprus
19 Belgium
20 Finland
21 France
22 Nigeria
23 Lithuania
24 Saudi Arabia
25 Qatar
26 Hong Kong
27 Japan
28 United Arab Emirates
29 Kenya
30 Malaysia
31 Austria
32 Ghana
33 Slovakia
34 Oman
35 Latvia
36 Italy
37 Portugal
38 Czech Republic
39 Lebanon
40 Malta
41 Uganda
42 Israel
43 Egypt
44 Slovenia
45 Spain
46 Greece
47 Bulgaria
48 Tanzania
49 Morocco
50 Bahrain
51 Russia
52 Panama
53 Cambodia
54 Zimbabwe
55 Mexico
56 Brazil
57 Peru
58 Chile
59 China
60 Sri Lanka
61 Brunei
62 Costa Rica
63 South Korea
64 Ukraine
65 Turkey
66 Taiwan
67 Tunisia
68 Croatia
69 Kazakhstan
70 Poland
71 India
72 Thailand
73 Indonesia
74 Argentina
75 Algeria
76 Serbia and Montenegro
77 Angola
78 Mauritius
79 Colombia
80 Venezuela
81 Vietnam
82 Romania
83 Bangladesh
84 Hungary
85 Philippines
86 Nepal
87 Ecuador
88 Mongolia
89 Pakistan
90 Sudan